Friday, July 11, 2014

Amazing Eid Outfit Ideas!

Let me just say that Ramadan is flying by right before my eyes! One month passes by like its one week. Nevertheless, I wanted to share with you amazing pieces of modest outfits that you can wear for Eid. I know that its still a couple of weeks for Eid to arrive... but its better to be early then late. 

Also, a lot of items that I am going to share with you is online. Sometimes it takes time for your items to arrive if its international... so its better to order now that way your items will be with you on time.

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I think this dress is absolutely beautiful! The lace on this dress is what makes it look so feminine. You can purchase this dress at Inayah for a whopping $167.77 USD. The thing I love so much about the dress is the simplicity, but it will definitely turn heads. If your willing to splurge on your Eid dress then this could be an option for you. You could check out their website for other modest dresses that could fit your style.

There are some people who are into the color black like I am and this piece from Citra Style is so amazing. I love love love the cuffed wrist and the bold shoulder detail. The shoulder detail also makes the hijab stand out a lot more. You can purchase this for a good $149.00 USD. Your probably thinking why I am showing you some expensive pieces...well I just want to give a variety of price range.

If your really not looking for something over the top then the $143.oo USD dress from Citra Style could be a better option. The beautiful lavender color is what I really enjoy about this dress. I really love the detailing on the upper chest and the wrist of the dress. 

If your not really into the really long dresses then this $77.31 blouse from Citra Style would look amazing! This piece is something that would look great with a pair of jeans or slacks. They also have more color options on their website.

For a more a more affordable piece of clothing then I recommend the $27.14 USD maxi dress from Pearl Daisy. I think this maxi dress looks stunning because the diverse style that it has to offer. Did I mention how much I love the sleeves?!?

Don't forget to check out the websites for other beautiful pieces that will fit your style.

I was not paid to promote these products. 

It was my personal 
recommendations that I loved.

I will be having more Eid outfit ideas! 

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